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Gender change from male to female

Gender change from male to female

Gender reassignment surgery can be done in two ways: 1. Using your own skin to create a vagina. 2. Using your own intestines to perform a vaginal procedure.

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Body-lifting surgery

Body-lifting surgery

The problem often occurs in older individuals. or lose weight The area found is usually the upper back. or waist area

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Correcting sagging breasts

Correcting sagging breasts

It is caused by the reason that the patient has children. or have large breasts, which if the patient also loses weight, they will sag even more or have naturally large breasts The surgeon will correct this by lifting and tightening the breasts. and reduce the size at the same time

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Reducing the size of nipples and areolas

Reducing the size of nipples and areolas

Correcting large nipples It is often done together with breast augmentation. You can reduce the size of your nipples to 1/3 or 1/2.

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What is male-to-female reassignment surgery?

What is male-to-female reassignment surgery?

Male-to-female reassignment surgery is surgery to decorate the male genitals to look like female genitals both externally and internally. It is divided into 2 main steps: (1) Creation of external genitalia to resemble a woman's, (2) Creation of an artificial vagina.

There are many techniques for creating an artificial vagina. Each technique has considerable advantages and limitations, making male-to-female reassignment surgery different for each person. For example, using skin from the penis together with skin from other parts such as the thighs, groin, or using the large intestine to make the vaginal wall, or using the abdominal wall together with skin from the penis.

Gender reassignment surgery

gender reassignment surgery In summary, there are 2 ways to do it
1. Use your own skin to make a vagina
2. Using your own intestines to perform a vaginal procedure

How it is is that the conversion surgery requires surgery on the labia to make them as close to women's as possible, that is, having outer labia, inner labia, a vagina, and a urinary canal that is similar. Have proper vaginal depth Now every depth has to be assembled together. To have all the elements at the same time. The only thing that can be determined is the patient's own tissue. original penis length Foreskin length Characteristics of the scrotum Size of the scrotum, laxity, and elasticity of the scrotum. If you pull it out, how much can you stretch it? Tight skin, loose skin These will be components. Have you been circumcised before? Have you ever cut eggs out before? Therefore, these things will tell you everything. What method should be used in order to make everything suitable? Because everything should come together, such as the fullness of the vagina and the appropriate depth. It should all go together. In summary, people with long skin and a lot of skin can use their own skin. Can make a vagina People who don't have enough meat are those who are suitable for using their intestines to make a vagina are people who have had movie clips before. Foreskin clips have been around since childhood. People with short penises People who have had their testicles removed. The penis shrinks. All genitals are small. Looking at it, it would not be enough to perform surgery. Vaginal surgery or people who want more depth than normal In the case of some people having to use it, and in other cases Europeans having to use it at unusual depths. You can see that this item will have many components. There are both advantages and disadvantages. If we assume that a person can do both things.

Advantages of using skin

Had to have surgery on the abdomen. Another side effect occurs, using your own skin is enough.

Disadvantages of using skin

  • The fullness of the penis will be less. To take as much skin as possible
  • The skin is not lubricated, it is normal skin.
  • The chances of contracting the skin of the vagina are higher in the long term than when using a bowel. Using Mo or Mo takes the best use of time

Advantages of using the intestinal section

  • It will have a very long depth. Most of the time it will be 7-8 inches in length except in rare cases when the intestines are small. The intestines are short, not very long. The second one is hydration.
  • The walls of the intestines, the tissues of the walls are moist, the mucous membrane is similar to the vagina. Inseparable, it is as moisturizing as in our mouths, without the use of any lubricant

Disadvantages of using intestinal segments

  • Intestinal surgery is Need surgery on the abdominal area The expertise of the surgical wound depends directly on the surgeon's willingness to do the intestinal surgery. But if the doctor does a good job on the intestinal incision, the incision will be small and there will be little chance of pain or side effects
  • Because of the intestinal wound, in addition to the wound 1 from abdominal surgery, there are 2 wounds in the intestine, if they are not cut well, there will be side effects related to the intestine
  • In the long term, intestinal obstruction occurs due to fibrosis, which can occur from any surgery on the body that involves abdominal surgery, whether it be an appendectomy or an appendectomy. With all gallbladder surgeries or cesarean section, once it has passed into the abdominal area, the chance of adhesions causing intestinal obstruction is very small. Mainly, the results will be good. The expertise of the surgeon must be to choose the surgeon well. The chance of the vagina shrinking is much less than using your own skin, so the difference will be here
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What is body contouring surgery?

Body-lifting surgery is a way of changing your body shape to render it more beautiful and proportionate, thereby complimenting your outgoing personality, and increasing your confidence. There are several methods of body-lifting surgery. The surgeon can alter the shape of almost all parts of the body, even excess skin and fat that weight loss or exercise cannot help.

What is body contouring surgery?, FFS Thailand

Body lifting

Body lift surgery is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the body to make it smaller and firmer. People with excessive sagging skin and fat on their torso may undergo a full body lift. Or maybe just some parts such as the upper, middle or lower parts. Body lift surgery is suitable for people who have a lot of loose skin and fat in the upper and lower torso. Although body lift surgery involves removing loose skin and fat around the body. It is removed by making a long incision around the body along the bikini line. There are two types of body lift surgery: belly button transplant and non-navel surgery

Preparation before body-lift surgery

  • Talk to your surgeon about what to expect and the possible results of the surgery. The doctor will explain the procedure. Location of the wound detailed shape size
  • Do a health examination, physical examination,  Chest x-ray, blood test, EKG examination, Stress test if over 40 years of age for surgery under anesthesia
  • stop smoking Before and after surgery 2 weeks
  • Stop taking medicines that affect blood clotting, such as aspirin or certain vitamins. Herbs before surgery 2 weeks


Care after body-lift surgery

  • Wear a support garment all the time, every day for at least 1 month to reduce swelling and bruising and allow the wound to heal faster
  • Swelling and bruising can occur and will disappear approximately. 2-3 weeks after surgery
  • Clean the wound, take medicine as prescribed by the doctor
  • You must strictly follow the doctor's instructions and keep an eye out for abnormalities. That could be a sign of complications
  • You can live your normal life 2 weeks after surgery
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects for at least 1 week after surgery
  • If you have surgery on your stomach and thighs, lie down with your legs elevated. Using two pillows stacked on top of each other. It will help reduce swelling in the legs
  • To reduce the risk of blood clots, gentle movement is required. 1 day after surgery
  • Drink lots of water to increase blood flow, helping to flush out waste
  • The stitches were removed on the 7th day after surgery
หน้าอกหย่อนยาน, Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery
Correcting sagging breasts, Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery

Correcting sagging breasts

Correcting breast shape, changing breast size or sagging conditions are likely to reasons for this procedure. Due to the flexibility of muscles and skin, breast lift surgery is often an option to correct the problem of sagging breasts. Another option is breast lift surgery to lift the breasts into the appropriate position thereby reducing the tissue. We then tighten up the skin in the nearby area to have a beautiful, firm shape again.

The causes of sagging breasts are as follows:

  • Age changes - as age increases the elasticity of muscles and skin are reduced
  • Deterioration of the skin and muscles
  • Obesity causes the breast size to increase, resulting in the accumulation of fat. The weight of the breasts increases, causing sagging.
  • Losing weight quickly causes the amount of fat in your breasts to quickly disappear. Access skin starts showing causing the breast tissue to appear flabby.
  • After becoming a mother and breastfeeding after pregnancy, a large amount of mammary glands are created to produce milk. Upon stopping breastfeed, the mammary glands atrophy and the size of the breasts decreases, causing the breasts to sag.
  • Heredity: Due to a genetic history of large breasts, they sag easily.
  • Having strenuous activities and not using adequate support vests.

Breast lift to correct sagging breasts

Breast lift to correct sagging breasts

1. Breast Lift Surgery: O-Scar Incision is a breast lift surgery. The incision around the areola or O-Scar shaped incision is made. The surgeon will determine the appropriate size of the areola first. Then determine the width of the skin around the areola that must be removed. Then pull the skin and tissue tight and sew the wound around the areola

2. Breast lift surgery, Keyhole-Scar shaped incision, is a breast lift surgery. The incision is around the areola and there is a line of incision from the areola to under the breast. Keyhole, the surgeon has considered and found that there is moderate sagging of the breast. Therefore chose to use this method. To lift and tighten and cut off excess skin and tissue along this wound, then sew the wound closed to form the wound after surgery

3. Breast Lift Surgery: Inverted T-Scar is a breast lift surgery. The incision is around the areola, there is an incision line from the areola to under the breast, and there is also a curved incision under the breast called an Inverted T-Scar wound. T- Scar The surgeon will consider choosing this method if it is found that the breasts are very sagging. And the breast size must be reduced by harvesting a large area of skin and tissue in order to harvest it all. The resulting wound is wide. and is inverted T shape

Prepare before surgery

  • Consult the surgeon who will perform the surgery. Along with physical examination, Chest x ray, blood test, EKG examination, Stress test. If over 40 years of age, consult a doctor to choose the appropriate size and shape of breast implants
  • Stop hormones for 1-2 weeks
  • Stop taking aspirin. medicine to reduce inflammation or herbs that may cause abnormal bleeding Stop taking the medicine for at least 2 weeks or as directed by your doctor
  • Stop smoking for at least 2 weeks to reduce the chance of poor blood flow to the wound
  • Stop drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before surgery. And you should stop drinking alcohol for at least 1 week after surgery

Caring for wounds after breast lift surgery

  • Sleep with your body slightly elevated to help reduce re-swelling
  • You should wear a chest compression shirt to promote good lymphatic circulation and help reduce swelling. and tighten the shape of the breast
  • Dress the wound every day until the stitches are removed / removed on the 7th day after surgery
  • Take painkillers to reduce pain
  • See the doctor at every appointment
  • Do not lift heavy objects after surgery for at least 2 weeks
ลดขนาดหัวนม และปานนม, Forehead Reduction Surgery

What is nipple and areola size reduction?

Breast size is divided into two groups: women who are relatively young and the second group are women who have had children. In this group of elderly people, the breast tissue will become fluid. Breasts that sag more than usual can be corrected with breast reduction surgery. Be ready to lift and tighten the breast.

What is nipple and areola size reduction?, Forehead Reduction Surgery

Surgical procedure

On the day of surgery, abstain from water and food for at least 8 hours before surgery because anesthesia is required. Surgery time Reduce breast size or correct sagging breasts On average about 3-5 hours

There are 2 types of breast reduction and breast tightening

Reduce the size of sagging breasts The doctor will perform surgery on the areola, causing stitches to form around the areola only. With this surgery, the wound will shrink and swell quickly and recover quickly

Reduced size, greatly reduced size, or very sagging breasts The doctor will remove a large amount of breast tissue and breast skin and will need to reposition the nipple and areola. After surgery, there will be an inverted T-shaped or anchor-shaped scar. This method of wound healing and duration The recovery time will be much longer


Care after surgery to correct sagging breasts

  • After surgery, you must stay in the hospital. Approximately 3-7 days after surgery, approximately 1-2 days, there may be a drainage tube. And there may be blood seeping into the surgical wound after surgery. No need to apply ice
  • Be careful not to let the wound get wet for about 1 week. The doctor will make an appointment to remove the stitches about 1 week after surgery
  • You should rest as much as possible. Walking a lot can cause the wound to become inflamed. You should take medicine strictly as prescribed by your doctor
  • If you are worried that the surgical wound will not be smooth, you can use a silicone sheet to cover the wound (after cutting the stitches)
  • You should avoid spicy food. Fermented alcoholic beverages Including refraining from smoking for about 1 month
  • Perform various activities in daily life as usual If you have to do work that requires heavy physical exertion, you should wait about 1 month after surgery
  • If there are abnormal symptoms such as separated wounds, inflamed wounds, swelling, redness, high fever, abnormally swollen breasts Severe wound pain, blood or lymph seeping from the wound, etc., should see a doctor before the appointment date
  • You should wear a bra to support your breasts, otherwise your breasts will sag again. The size of your breasts may increase if your weight increases. This is due to the accumulation of fat
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