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Forehead Reduction Procedure

Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital | Forehead Reduction Procedure

What is forehead reduction surgery?

This is the realignment of the forehead shape to suit each individual's facial proportions. The surgeon will make an incision along the hairline and adjust the scalp to reduce wide forehead, high forehead, narrow forehead, and pinched forehead in a manner as to make the forehead proportion works with the other parts of the face. In the case of a forehead that is too wide and too high, thus rendering the hairline position higher than normal, the perceived look could be a bald person. and it could render the face asymmetrical. Reducing the size of the forehead in a way that doesn't require hair implantation is a dream procedure for many. Yet some other patients have a long forehead with an area that is more than 1/3 of the upper face such that the curve of the hair appears to have little hair or render an ugly M-shaped cleft. Such asymmetrism can be easily corrected with forehead reduction surgery.

Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital | Forehead Reduction Procedure

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Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital | Forehead Reduction Procedure

Preparation before forehead reduction surgery

  • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin / smoking / refrain from drinking alcohol / certain dietary supplements that affect blood clotting such as garlic and fish oil at least 2 weeks before forehead augmentation surgery
  • It is recommended to wash your hair before undergoing facial augmentation surgery to prevent infection.
  • Prepare to take a break from work for about 1 week.
  • Refrain from wearing any type of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry on your body on the day of surgery. (If you cannot remove it, you must notify the nurse in charge)
  • Stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before and after surgery. This is because the substances in cigarettes have a reducing effect on the amount of oxygen in the blood and destroys cells that will repair wound healing. This has an effect on blood that will nourish the surgical area There is a chance that the surgical skin will lack oxygen and makes the wound heal more slowly than usual thereby risking infection
  • Before entering surgery, patients must clean their fingernails and toenails thoroughly and refrain from painting fingernails, toenails, and refrain from wearing any types of nail extensions.
  • Patients must come to the hospital for a blood test at least 5-7 days before surgery. (In the case of inconvenience, come in for a blood draw at the hospital and have the blood test results sent over to you.)
  • Patients should bring a friend or relative with you on the day of your forehead augmentation. After the procedure, patients could experience dizziness.
  • If you have an underlying disease, you should inform your doctor immediately. before surgery, otherwise it may be dangerous.
  • Get your mind ready but avoid being overly excited. You should expect some swelling and bruising around the wound after the surgery. You should also expect changes in the face or the area of ​​the body where the surgery was performed, and understand that it takes time for the wound to heal or for yourself to get used to the new facial image.
Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital | Forehead Reduction Procedure

How to take care of yourself after forehead reduction surgery

  • For the first 2 days, apply a cold compress to the forehead. But after that, use a warm compress to reduce swelling and bruising.
  • To reduce swelling in the face and around the eyes, practice lying down without needing a pillow.
  • Take pain medication every 4 hours for 2 days in a row after surgery.
  • Wash your face and hair as usual. In case the wound got wet, wipe it dry and then wipe it with water and an instant disinfectant Do not allow the wound to remain damp.
  • In case you want to dye your hair, do it only after 1 month.
  • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages of any kind for 1 month.
  • You should avoid doing heavy exercise for about 2-3 months to help prevent any damage to the forehead area or skin.
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