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Nose surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

Nose surgery

The objective of this procedure is to reshape the nose to suit the face thereby making the face look more dimensional. Adjusting the structure of the nose Increases the prominence of the bridge of the nose Adjusting the size of the nostrils nose wing and trimming it makes it fit the face more naturally.

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Breast Augmentation, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery increases the size of the breasts through various methods, starting with the use of fillers. Filler materials can even be taken from one's own fat for better tissue compatibility. Silicone augmentation is highly shape-able making breasts look naturally your beautiful.

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Jaw surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

Jaw surgery

To make the face looks slimmer, V Line jaw surgery and jaw angle trimming is excellent. It does not shift the jaw and does not require orthodontic treatment

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Double eyelid surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

Double eyelid surgery

This creates an eyelid crease resulting in a larger and more symmetric,  almond-shaped eye. The height from your upper lash line to the new eyelid crease is customized to your preference and existing anatomy.

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Nose surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

What is rhinoplasty?

Decorating the nose to suit the face can make the face look more dimensional. The structure of the nose is adjusted to increase the prominence of the nose bridge. By adjusting the size of the nostrils, the nose wings may also be trimmed to fit the face. There are different types of materials used in a nose reshaping surgery: One of the most popular materials that makes the nose even more beautiful is Silicone. Nose augmentation using Cartilage from various parts of the body is another possibility. The use of bones behind the ears or ribs and thread lifts with filler injections is yet another method although this is not very popular because it has more disadvantages than advantages.

Features of nose surgery

Patients who desire nose surgery must be 18-20 years of age or older as the nose structure needs to be fully developed before reshaping. Patients who have a flu or infected wounds on their bodies must recover first as surgery does carry some risk. Patients who should avoid nose surgery are to-be-mothers who are pregnant or new mothers who are breastfeeding. Patients with atherosclerosis or thromboembolism should not have a nose job as the medication they are taking can prevent blood clotting. Also people with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease should consult a doctor first as these conditions may complicate the procedure and add risk to the surgery

Nose surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

Rhinoplasty techniques

Closed Rhinoplasty

It is surgery where an incision is made inside the nose. The doctor will make an incision in only one nostril. Closed rhinoplasty is a surgery with a very small incision of only 3 millimeters. There is no need to worry about post-surgery scars. Who is suitable for closed rhinoplasty? Suitable for people who have no problems with the nose structure or who just had their first rhinoplasty For example, there is no crooked problem, etc. Advantages of closed rhinoplasty There is no need for anesthesia, it takes less time to recover, there are no surgical wounds because the wound is hidden in the nostril, and the price is cheaper than open surgery. The nose shape that is popular among Thai people and suitable is Teardrop nose or Korean style

Nose surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

Rhinoplasty techniques


This is surgery where the incisions will be made on both sides. This method will help reduce tension well. It also helps to see the structure of the nose better than the closed type. Reduces the risk that the silicone will be tilted and helps reduce tissue injury in areas where closed rhinoplasty cannot be done, such as using the nose base nailing technique and nasal septal stretching technique For people who have a problem with a short nose or a crooked nose, there are advantages to open rhinoplasty. Solve structural problems directly For people who have problems with a short nose or a slanted nose, it is suitable for people who want a high nose because this technique can completely reshape the nose. Including cases where the nose has been corrected so many times that the original structure has been damaged. But this method is not suitable for people who want to scrape off liquid. ​And they are more expensive than closed reinforcements

Nose surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital


How to take care of yourself after rhinoplasty in 7 days

1.After rhinoplasty, there may be pain in the head or nose area and there will be maximum swelling for about 3 days. You should take all the painkillers or anti-inflammatories as ordered by the doctor. Do not allow the surgical wound to come into contact with water. Because it will make the wound heal slowly. Moisture causes it to rot. As for the wrong way to take care of your face for these 7 days, you shouldn't wash your face because the wound will be exposed to water. You should use a cotton pad moistened with saline or plain water to wipe clean, but you should leave the nose area aside.

2.To reduce swelling, you can gently compress with a cool cloth or cool gel over the area where both eyes should be compressed. Sides and front of the fabric And strictly treat the wound as ordered by the doctor. During 7 days, you should abstain from exercising of any kind. Or refrain from having sex. When sleeping, use 2 pillows or a neck support to help with comfort because during the 7 days the patient cannot Can lie tilted or sideways

3.Foods that should be eaten and are good for restoring the body such as Such as meat, nuts, milk, and eggs. Many people misunderstand that eggs make wounds heal slowly, but actually the properties of eggs are that they help heal wounds, but you should eat only 1 egg per day. You should eat vegetables and fruits that provide vitamin C. and drinking lots of water It also helps restore the surgical wound to heal quickly. You should eat coconut water, centella asiatica juice, soybean juice mixed with pumpkin to help reduce swelling and heal wounds.

As for foods that should not be eaten and should be avoided for at least 1 month, such as alcohol, fermented foods, raw food, vitamin supplements, ginkgo biloba leaves. Things that are spicy, salty, high in sodium, etc.

Nose surgery, Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
Breast Augmentation | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
Breast Augmentation | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size, improve the shape of a person's breasts or correct breast asymmetrism. Breast augmentation is done to for various reasons to enhance the overall appearance of the breasts. Specifically, the reasons include:

Cosmetic enhancement - for aesthetic reasons or to boost self-confidence.

Restoring breast volume - after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss. Breast implants can help restore the breast's fullness and shape.

Correcting asymmetry - where one breast is noticeably different from the other.

The procedure typically involves the surgical placement of breast implants, which are medical devices designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts.

What is breast augmentation? Who qualifies to do Breast Augmentation?

Qualification for breast augmentation surgery is determined on a case-by-case basis, and it depends on several factors. Overall, the patient should be in good physical and mental health, free from significant medical conditions that could increase surgical risks.

They have realistic expectations: It's important that candidates have a clear understanding of the procedure's limitations and potential outcomes.

They are emotionally stable: Emotional stability is important because undergoing cosmetic surgery can be emotionally challenging.

They are at least 18 years old and have fully developed breasts

They are not pregnant or breastfeeding

They do not smoke or are willing to quit: Smoking can increase the risk of complications during and after surgery.

Ultimately, the decision to have breast augmentation is a personal one, and the qualification process involves thorough consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who will assess an individual's suitability for the procedure based on their unique circumstances.

  • Breast augmentation with silicone
    Silicone does not change shape, soft and natural touch, full breasts, clear breast shape to make the breasts larger. The silicone breast implants come in various levels of convexity, including round, teardrop, semi-spherical and semi-teardrop shapes. Who is suitable for breast augmentation with silicone? There is already flesh in the chest area. Want to increase the size of multiple sites? Flat breasts, no breast bumps, want the breasts to look plump. Breast sizes are not the same Sagging breasts, etc.
  • Chest shape
    Spherical silicone breast augmentation is widely used because of its round shape. Make every part firm. increase prominence It catches the eye well
  • Teardrop shaped breast augmentation
    It is a style that is designed to imitate natural breasts that look like water droplets to help the breasts look naturally plump
  • Semi-teardrop shaped breast augmentation
    It is a style that is designed to imitate natural breasts that look like water droplets but will be fluffier at the bottom than at the top. Adjust the shape according to movement, giving results after breast surgery that look natural even when lying down.
  • Teardrop shaped breast augmentation
    It's a shape designed to imitate the natural breast shape that looks like a teardrop, helping to make the breasts look naturally plump.

Silicone skin type

  • The advantage of smooth-surface silicone is that it is less likely to cause streaks around the breast than sand-surface silicone.
  • The advantage of sand-surface silicone is that it is less likely to form adhesions around the breast than smooth skin.
  • Velvet skin silicone (available only in Motiva). The advantage is that it blends well with body tissue, reducing the formation of fibrosis around the silicone.

Positioning of the silicone

  • Above the muscle Suitable for cases where there is a lot of breast tissue that is easy to operate. Reduce surgery time You may see silicone edges.
  • Under the muscle Suitable for cases where there is little breast tissue that relies on muscle. Helps support the breasts to look plump. Get more pictures Reduce the chance of floating silicone membranes. Prevents silicone edges from being visible
    • Dual Plane
      Suitable for every case because it brings the advantages of each technique. Let's come together in one way. The results will look natural, not too round, making the breast shape look beautiful and natural, reducing the occurrence of fibrosis.
        • Breast augmentation using fat
          The removal of fat from the body leaves no foreign substances. Fix the problem of breasts being apart But the touch is soft and similar to a real breast. Fat breast augmentation involves grafting fat into the breast area. From the patient's own body To get pure fat cells to fill the breasts to be naturally firm, plump and soft. This method is suitable for Breasts are deformed from weight loss and do not require breast augmentation with silicone. Want natural softness, but fat augmentation still has disadvantages or limitations, such as not being able to determine the exact size of the breasts. There is a chance that the two breasts are not equal, and there is a risk of kidney stones in the breast. Must use a lot of fat.

            Preparing for breast augmentation surgery

            You should inform the clinic about your history of drug allergies and your medical conditions. You should get enough rest before undergoing surgery. Wear comfortable clothes. It is recommended to wear clothes that have button fronts. Should refrain from taking aspirin. and all types of dietary supplements, refrain from smoking and all types of alcoholic beverages for approximately 1-2 weeks, abstain from water and beverages for approximately 6-8 hours before surgery

            Breast Augmentation | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

            After breast augmentation, how should you take care of yourself?

            Take the medicine for the full amount as prescribed by your doctor. Do not expose the wound to water until the stitches are removed. Or when taking a shower, cover with waterproof plaster, refrain from fermented foods, refrain from smoking, and refrain from drinking any type of alcohol. That affect the wound to heal slowly. Refrain from lifting heavy things and exercising hard for about 1 month. Wear a support bra 24 hours a day for about 1 month. Massage your breasts in the right way to loosen muscles or skin that has expanded after breast augmentation.

            Breast Augmentation | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
            Jaw surgery, jaw sharpening | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

            Jaw surgery, jaw sharpening

            V Line jaw surgery can make the face look slimmer. V Line jaw surgery is highly popular in Thailand. It trims the jaw angle without moving the jaw position, thus it does not require any orthodontic procedures. When the bone is trimmed, surgery on the protruding jaw will cause the muscles to shrinks naturally. Jaw surgery involves the trimming of a wide jaw line to make it appear sharper. The purpose is to make the face appear narrower, slimmer, gentler and therefore more feminine..

            Jaw surgery, jaw sharpening | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
            • Techniques for opening wounds outside the mouth
              Open the wound near the corner of the jaw. then cut through the muscle Then use a saw to cut out the bones and decorate the corners of the bones. Then stitches close the wound because it doesn't have to go through the mouth to get to the bone. Therefore there is less swelling.

              Advantages and disadvantages
              The swelling period after surgery is less, allowing for more care of the surgical wound. The disadvantages are that there is a risk of affecting the nerves that supply the muscles at the corners of the mouth and there are surgical scars on both sides of the jaw. Normally, the surgical scars will gradually fade. It takes approximately 1 month or more, depending on each person's skin condition.
            • Surgical techniques from inside the mouth
              It is surgery from inside. The jaw surgery area is inside the mouth. Behind the last molar tooth The tissue and muscles that cover the jaw angle are removed, then the bone membrane is removed to insert an instrument to look at the cut jaw angle, then a saw is used to cut out the bone before suturing it closed. After surgery, there will be more swelling than the first method, but there is no scar and no nerve damage.

              Advantages and disadvantages
              The result of the jaw bone surgery will be a smoother, more beautiful curve with no external wounds that are at risk of affecting the nerves that supply the jaw muscles. The disadvantage is that the swelling period will be longer. After surgery, patients need to care for the surgical wound and maintain special oral hygiene to prevent infection.

            Prepare yourself before jaw surgery

            Before surgery, the doctor will perform a thorough physical examination. You should inform the doctor about your health history, congenital diseases, drug allergies, get enough rest, and prepare your body to be strong. Especially the mouth and respiratory system Stop taking vitamins that contain oil for 1-2 weeks before surgery. Refrain from smoking or drinking drinks containing approximately 2% alcohol. The week before surgery Abstain from food and water 6-8 hours before surgery as the surgery must be done under general anesthesia.

            Jaw surgery, jaw sharpening | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

            Post-operative care

            After surgery, the face will be swollen for about 3 weeks. You should lie down and recover. You should refrain from eating on the first day after surgery to prevent food particles from clogging the wound area. In the beginning, you should eat soft food, avoid spicy food and chewing hard things. If it is surgery inside the mouth, you must practice opening your mouth often. To prevent the formation of membranes around Jaw and near the jaw joint Use cold water as a compress on the cheek area for about 7 days. Rinse your mouth with clean water often. Helps the blood stains from the wound come off. After surgery, there may be bruising around the neck and under the chin. Therefore, on the 7th day after surgery, a cloth soaked in warm water can be compressed to reduce bruising. The wound will go into place within 2-3 weeks, but there will still be swelling at the corner of the jaw for 1-2 months.

            Jaw surgery, jaw sharpening | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
            Double eyelid surgery | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
            Double eyelid surgery | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

            What is double eyelid surgery?

            It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because the eyes can greatly affect the overall likeability of a person's look. It often makes a difference to how others gauge a personality - the surgery rendering the look fresher and more attractive, reducing their perceived age, as well as correcting imperfections that may be the source of low self-esteem and insecurities. One can say that a double eyelid surgery can truly boost one's confidence because the eyes are the window to the heart. This is suitable for those who had long suffered from others commenting on their natural looks and because of that lack social confidence. Due to the natural physique of Asian people, Asian girls' eyes are smaller than their European counterparts, which directly results in many Thai women having an inferior complex. Those who have excess skin around the eyelid area or those who have drooping eyelids due to age may also find this operation a life-changer.

            • Double eyelid surgery by laser method
              Make the sagging skin around the eyelid disappear, suitable for people who already have double eyelids. But I have sagging eyelids, slightly droopy eyelids and don't want to have surgery yet. Don't worry about the surgical wound. Can be done on all skin types. Who is laser double eyelid surgery suitable for? People who already have eyelids but have droopy or slightly sagging eyelids. Because the laser machine can remove the skin from the eyelid, making the eyelid clearer. People who don't want surgery yet. Advantages: Still don't want surgery and are afraid of surgery. Have a congenital disease that prevents surgery. As for the disadvantage, the limitation is that people with single eyelids who want to have double eyelids, laser will not be effective. Compared to double eyelid surgery, double eyelid surgery is more effective and beautiful.
            • Double eyelid surgery with a small incision
              It is a double eyelid procedure by making a 3-5 mm incision in the eyelid. In cases where the patient does not have too much eyelid skin and fat on the eyelid, the eyes can be made with a small incision technique. This causes very little swelling after surgery. Suitable for people whose eyelids and eyelid fat are not too much. Teenagers or people whose eyelid skin does not sag. Advantages: small scar It heals easily. The wound has already healed and the scar will hardly be visible. It will look like a natural eyelid fold. Suitable for young people. who do not have many eyelids Can do double eyelid surgery and remove more fat than 3 points of stitching. It takes less time for surgery. Disadvantages: People with severe droopy eyelids will droop and close after swelling subsides. People with very thick eyelids With this method of double eyelid surgery, the eyelids will look fuller than normal.
            • Double eyelid surgery using a long incision
              It's similar to a small incision for double eyelid surgery but involves making a longer incision without cutting off excess eyelid skin. This method's results are no different from small incisions, but the scars are longer and the swelling lasts longer. Suitable for people with large eyelids. and not too much fat around the eyelids Teenagers or people whose eyelid skin does not sag. Advantages of this method of double eyelid surgery It is a long incision so more fat can be removed. Especially in people whose eyelids have a lot of fat, in the case of teenagers whose eyelids are not sagging, they can use this technique. The disadvantage is that there is more swelling and bruising and lasts longer compared to using a small incision. The incision is long and visible. clearer
            Double eyelid surgery | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

            Preparation before surgery

            You should know your medical conditions with your doctor and inform him of the medicines you take regularly because some medicines affect your recovery after surgery. Avoid taking medicines that dissolve blood clots or medicines that cause blood to clot, such as aspirin, etc. Refrain from taking dietary supplements and various types of vitamins. At least one month Abstain from smoking and alcohol for two weeks. Getting enough rest will help your body's systems recover quickly after surgery.

            Double eyelid surgery | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital

            Post-operative care

            Apply a cold compress after surgery for 2-3 hours and must continue for 2-3 days. Avoid humidity and try to keep it clean at all times so that there is no blood or blood scabs stuck in the wound area. Follow the doctor for an appointment. Monitor your symptoms and get enough rest to allow your body to recover quickly. Avoid vigorously rubbing the eye area for at least 3 weeks. You can apply makeup. You can wash your face normally. For those who feel tightness at the top of the eyelid, this symptom will disappear within 1 week.

            Double eyelid surgery | Milada Plastic Surgery Hospital
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