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Cheekbone reduction

Cheekbone reduction

It is another important component regarding the dimensions of the facial structure. Some people may lose confidence from having too large cheekbones. Or the position is too high on the face and affects the smile

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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

For butt augmentation and hip augmentation, it is popular and recommended by doctors to use silicone implants because they are safe and have a certain shape. and can determine the size that What size do you like?

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Under-eye bag surgery

Under-eye bag surgery

Under-eye bag surgery is cosmetic surgery on the area under the eyes. Whether it is surgery to remove the excess fat bag or surgery on the lower eyelid. Or rearrange the fat bags under the eyes to make them beautiful

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Thread lifting

Thread lifting

Using a needle to remove threads that have barbed threads. Inserted into the skin layer like a hook. Can be used to lift threads to adjust the shape of the face. Thread lift for face lift Thread lift to tighten the face Lifts and tightens after thread lifting

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What is cheekbone reduction?

It is another important component regarding the dimensions of the facial structure. Some people may lose confidence from having too large cheekbones. Or the position is too high on the face and affects the smile. Cheekbone reduction is another form of cosmetic surgery that is popular today to create new facial dimensions to a more appropriate level through reducing and altering the cheekbones. cheekbone reduction It is a beauty treatment method to reduce the size of cheekbones that are disproportionate to the face or cause a loss of confidence through various procedures to adjust the size of the cheekbone area to be in balance with other parts. of the face, the structure of large and high cheekbones is It is found mostly in people of Asian ethnicity. The cause of large cheekbones is genetics that each person has from birth. Nowadays, there is a medical treatment method that is another option that can correct the size of the cheekbones to fit the face. Adjust the physiognomy and adjust the structure of the cheekbones to be more proportional. That is “Cheekbone Reshaping Surgery” in addition to the patient having to take x-rays of the structure of the cheekbones to determine whether the bulging area is caused by muscle, bone or fat so that the surgeon can analyze the correction appropriately

What is cheekbone reduction?

1.Cheekbone reshaping or cheekbone sharpening

Helps change the structure of the face around the cheekbones so that they can be clearly seen reduced in size. This service is suitable for those who have problems with cheekbones protruding in the front. At a not very high level, after the procedure, the wound will not appear after surgery. It is not visible because the wound is located on the cheek inside the mouth. The doctor will use dissolvable sutures to sew the wound on the cheek. The minimum surgery time is approximately 3 hours, including anesthesia. The advantage is that the wound will not appear behind. Surgery is performed because the wound is located on the cheek inside the mouth. Sewn with dissolvable sutures

2.Moving, cutting, collapsing, or bone in the cheekbone area

It can help correct all problems of facial defects, helping to adjust the structure of the cheekbones so that they are noticeably reduced in size, and help change the structure of the face around the cheekbones. Suitable for those who have a lot of protruding cheekbones, causing the face to look Overall, it looks hard. Suitable for those who have bones in the cheekbones that are larger than other areas. Suitable for those who have cheekbones on both the front and sides that are too large. As a result, the facial structure looks wide. Suitable for those who have The left and right cheekbones are not equal. Surgery time: approximately 2 - 3 hours including anesthesia. The advantage is that it is a method that can greatly reduce the structure of the cheekbones. It can change the structure of the face around the cheekbones.

Preparation before surgery

  • See a doctor for a thorough examination of your bone structure. In order for the doctor to evaluate how much bone structure should be trimmed to be suitable for the face
  • Plan surgery using the Nemotec V technique with doctors from Let me in Thailand through 3D pilot computer technology to simulate images of the patient before and after surgery
  • Thorough physical examination Including reporting personal health history such as congenital diseases, drug allergies, medicines taken regularly, etc
  • Get enough rest and prepare your body to be strong and not have a fever. or inflammation within the mouth and respiratory system
  • Refrain from vitamins containing oils, dietary supplements of any kind approximately 1-2 weeks before surgery
  • Refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages for approximately 2 weeks before surgery
  • No food and water 6-8 hours before surgery. This is because the surgery must be done under general anesthesia

Care after surgery

1. After rhinoplasty, there may be pain in the head or nose area and there will be maximum swelling for about 3 days. You should take all the painkillers or anti-inflammatories as ordered by the doctor. Do not allow the surgical wound to come into contact with water. Because it will make the wound heal slowly. Moisture causes it to rot. As for the wrong way to take care of your face for these 7 days, you shouldn't wash your face because the wound will be exposed to water. You should use a cotton pad moistened with saline or plain water to wipe clean, but you should leave the nose area aside

2. To reduce swelling, you can gently compress with a cool cloth or cool gel over the area where both eyes should be compressed. Sides and front of the fabric And strictly treat the wound as ordered by the doctor. During 7 days, you should abstain from exercising of any kind. Or refrain from having sex. When sleeping, use 2 pillows or a neck support to help with comfort because during the 7 days the patient cannot Can lie tilted or sideways

3. Foods that should be eaten and are good for restoring the body such as Such as meat, nuts, milk, and eggs. Many people misunderstand that eggs make wounds heal slowly, but actually the properties of eggs are that they help heal wounds, but you should eat only 1 egg per day. You should eat vegetables and fruits that provide vitamin C. and drinking lots of water It also helps restore the surgical wound to heal quickly. You should eat coconut water, centella asiatica juice, soybean juice mixed with pumpkin to help reduce swelling and heal wounds.

As for foods that should not be eaten and should be avoided for at least 1 month, such as alcohol, fermented foods, raw food, vitamin supplements, ginkgo biloba leaves. Things that are spicy, salty, high in sodium, etc.

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What is buttock augmentation?

What is buttock augmentation?

For butt augmentation and hip augmentation It is popular and recommended by doctors to augment with silicone bags because they are safe and have a certain shape. And you can determine the size that you like and when a problem occurs, it can be surgically corrected. The other method is to inject your own fat. The results are not permanent because the fat can be dissolved. There is a chance that it will harden into lumps, have an uneven surface, be wavy and bumpy, and difficult to shape. As for positioning the silicone bag, If you already have a lot of buttocks but want wider hips The silicone will be positioned more to the side, but if the patient already has wide hips But if you want a bottom that is convex at the back, then place the silicone in the middle.

Who is hip and butt augmentation suitable for?

Small buttocks since birth, atrophied, flat. Want to wear tight pants or a bikini to look more form-fitting. People who have had breast augmentation. If you add more buttocks, it will make you look more proportionate and sexy for those who have lost too much weight. If there is a lift, additional buttock augmentation may be required. People who have problems with sagging buttocks due to age and want to make them look firmer. People who don't want to wear butt enhancement underwear and want to wear tight pants. Show off your hips with confidence. Types of silicone bags used to enhance the buttocks and hips.

Types of silicone bags used for buttock and hip augmentation

Butt augmentation and hip augmentation use a special silicone gel bag for butt augmentation. It is stronger and tougher than silicone jelly. It has a high tightness so it does not lose its shape even if it cracks. or tear in the future, it is safe and highly durable against pressure while walking or sitting. There are 2 shapes: round or oval, which the doctor will consider adding as appropriate for each person.

Preparation before buttock and hip augmentation

Abstain from aspirin and cigarettes Alcoholic drinks Avoid foods such as garlic, onions, fish oil, vitamin E. and soy products about 2 weeks before surgery because these foods affect blood clotting. It may cause a lot of bleeding during surgery. Abstain from water and food 6-8 hours before surgery If you have a congenital disease or allergy to medicine Must inform the doctor in advance. People with underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure should not undergo surgery. Hip augmentation surgery should not be combined with other surgeries on the front of the body, such as abdominal fat removal or breast augmentation because there will be problems. Post-surgery care Except for minor liposuction, it may be done together. You should have a caregiver at home after surgery to refrain from smoking 2 weeks before surgery.

Taking care of yourself after buttock and hip augmentation

Take care of cleaning the surgical wound according to the doctor's instructions. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the surgical wound to completely adhere and the sutures can be removed during this time. For the first 3 days, sleep on your stomach. To avoid putting pressure on the wound area, after 3 days you can begin to lie on your back or sit adequately. After 1 month, you can walk or sit fully. After surgery, you should avoid injections in the hip-buttock area because there are silicone bags in that area.

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What is under eye bag surgery?

Under-eye bag surgery is cosmetic surgery on the area under the eyes. Whether it is surgery to remove the excess fat bag or surgery on the lower eyelid. Or rearrange the fat bags under the eyes to look beautiful to help improve the symptoms of sagging under-eye bags. The area under the eyes is caused by main causes. is caused by genetics Changes according to age And another cause is puffiness that occurs under the lower eyes, which is caused by people who like to rub their eyes. I couldn't sleep and cried a lot. Drink alcohol regularly, have allergies to various substances, or use your eyes too much. Things you need to know before deciding to have surgery on bags under the eyes, allergic conditions of the inner conjunctiva. Quality of the skin under the eyes The position of the eyebrows and eyelids on the laxity of the skin around the temples Sagging of the lower eyelid and protrusion of the lower eyelid bone or cheekbone

What is under eye bag surgery?

How to perform surgery on bags under the eyes

  • Corrects sagging bags under the eyes
    This method of surgery for bags under the eyes opens with an internal incision. This method is suitable for those who are young. or those who have excess fat and excess eyelid but not yet very sagging In this method, the doctor will operate through the wound membrane inside the eye and cut out only the fat that is causing the problem. The advantage is that there is no external surgical wound.
  • Surgery for bags under the eyes with an outer incision.
    This is an incision made from the outside of the lower eyelid. This method is for older people. or those who have a lot of fat bags under their eyes and have sagging skin under the eyes because it can beautify both sagging eyelids Ready to remove the fat in the bags under the eyes, but scars may be visible.

Advantages of under-eye bag surgery

Smooth under-eye bags, face looks brighter, beautiful, natural eyes, face looks youthful, surgery using small incision technique Hide the wound. Special techniques reduce the chance of scarring in the future. It doesn't take long, little swelling and bruising, a short recovery period, precise assessment and design for each person, case by case. Surgery by an ophthalmologist who is an expert in cosmetic surgery around the eyes.

Preparation before eye bag surgery

After surgery, the face will be swollen for about 3 weeks. You should lie down and recover. You should refrain from eating on the first day after surgery to prevent food particles from clogging the wound area. In the beginning, you should eat soft food, avoid spicy food and chewing hard things. If it is surgery inside the mouth, you must practice opening your mouth often. To prevent the formation of membranes around the jaw and near the jaw joint. Use cold water to compress the cheek area for about 7 days. Rinse your mouth with clean water often. Helps the blood stains from the wound come off. After surgery, there may be bruising around the neck and under the chin. Therefore, on the 7th day after surgery, a cloth soaked in warm water can be compressed to reduce bruising. The wound will heal within 2 - 3 weeks, but there will still be swelling at the corner of the jaw for 1 - 2 months.

Postoperative care for bags under the eyes

  • Refrain from taking medicine, dietary supplements, and vitamins 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. At least 2 weeks before surgery
  • If you have a congenital disease or history of drug allergies You should inform your doctor before undergoing surgery
  • You should report your injection history. Facial augmentation and beautification with the doctor before undergoing surgery
  • Get enough sleep There is no need to abstain from food or drink before surgery
  • Even though there won't be much swelling after surgery. However, it is not recommended to drive yourself home after surgery. for safety
  • You can prepare sunglasses to wear for protection. After surgery
  • It is recommended to rest after surgery for at least 1-2 days to reduce eye strain and have more time to compress the wound. The wound will heal faster
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What is a thread lift?

What is a thread lift?

Using a needle to remove threads that have barbed threads. Inserted into the skin, similar to a hook. Can be used to lift threads to adjust the shape of the face. Thread lift for face lift Thread lift to tighten the face Lifting and tightening after a thread lift is non-surgical. So there is no large wound. There may be small pin marks. Only after the procedure, there is no need to recuperate. You can wash your face, put on makeup, and apply cream as usual, but there may be only a small amount of bruising that will gradually fade away

Who is a thread lift suitable for?

Suitable for people aged 20 years and over who have problems with sagging facial skin. People who want to adjust their face shape to look V-Shape and don't want to waste time recovering or get hurt from facial reshaping surgery. People who have problems with unclear facial wrinkles, puffy cheeks, and cheek bulbs. People who want to solve their cheek problems but don't want to add filler. After thread lift It will cause the skin in the area where the threads are inserted to stimulate the cells responsible for creating collagen fibers and increase blood flow to the skin. Helps the skin to be clearly firmer and tighter. Thread lifts are not dangerous but should be used correctly. Because there is a technique of using dissolving threads, after 6-18 months the threads will dissolve without harm, similar to the body's natural tendons

For example, there are 3 most popular types

  • Twisted silk thread
    The characteristics of the silk threads are similar to silk threads. The benefits of coiling threads are that they create more tensile strength than smooth threads and help add volume to areas where the skin is sunken or pudgy. As for the disadvantages, it is not suitable for face lifting and often has problems with bruising after thread lift
  • Silk threads with spines
    It has the appearance of a silk thread with protruding spines similar to a fish bone. The advantage is that it acts like a structure for lifting and tightening skin or sagging skin. Collagen will be stimulated to create an area around the silk thread and spines. easy Therefore, it is the type of thread that is suitable for lifting and tightening the face. It is often used to make the face slimmer. and tighten the chin area The disadvantage of fishbone silk is that it is a pointed needle. If you have skin that gets bruised easily There may be bruising after the procedure
  • Smooth silk
    It has the appearance of short strands of silk not exceeding 10 centimeters in length. It is mostly used around the neck, forehead and under the eyes. The advantage is that it helps reduce small wrinkles. that can be caused by the deterioration of collagen There is very little chance of losing. As for the downside, it cannot help pull or tighten the skin. At present, it is not very popular. As for the types of thread lifting, there are sharp needles, blunt needles, cutting needles, and L needles, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of thread lifting

Cheaper than some tools, it doesn't have to be as painful. or recuperating like having surgery Stimulates the creation of new collagen, restoring healthy skin cells. Pores are tightened. Cheek wrinkles become shallower. The face is firm and not sagging. Helps restore youthfulness to the skin. Helps reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin at the right point. Help adjust the face to be in shape. Can it be slender and beautiful as desired? Can it be dissolved? After making and without any residue

Disadvantages of thread lifting

In some cases where the cheekbones are prominent, threading will make the cheekbones more prominent and unattractive. It is recommended to adjust the face using other methods, such as cheek fillers. In threading, there is a risk of swelling and bruising. The latter was quite high both from the anesthesia injection. and blood that comes out under the skin Although there will be little swelling immediately after the procedure, it may increase during the first 3-4 days, which will mostly disappear within 7-14 days

Preparation before threading

Consult a trusted doctor and clinic to refrain from certain activities such as drinking alcohol. Entering the sauna That makes the blood pump, stop taking certain medicines. 3-7 days before thread lifting, refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Certain antibiotics or dietary supplements such as aspirin, vitamins, but if it is a medicine that must be taken regularly You should consult the treating doctor first. Get your dentistry done. If you have a dental appointment, it should be done before getting the threads lifted because after the threads are done, you must refrain from opening your mouth wide for 4 weeks

Behavior after thread lift

You must apply a cold compress to the thread lift area for 3 days to reduce swelling and soreness after the thread lift. Do not press or massage for 1-2 days. Do not allow the wound from the thread lift to come into contact with water. The best way is to refrain from doing it for 2 days after the procedure. You should avoid things that cause you to sweat or accumulate heat on your face, such as playing sports or using a sauna. Do not put on makeup for at least 24 hours or more, refrain from drinking alcohol of any kind and refrain from smoking. For 2 weeks, take anti-inflammatory drugs as prescribed by your doctor. You should not move your face a lot, especially during the 4th period. A week after doing it Because the threads still have a chance to move, you should not massage your face vigorously in the area where the threads were lifted for a period of 2 months. You should refrain from vigorous exercise for 1-2 weeks as this will slow down the shrinkage

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